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Prevent crystallization in your SCR system

EFFINOX is a urea solution (32.5%), designed to prevent deposit formation in SCR systems with low load running engines in addition to its primary objective of reduction of NOx. GreenChem also offers Effinox in 1000 liter IBCs with the possibility to integrate a manual or electrical pump. To make sure you get the best experience from our IBCs systems, they are all equipped by the bottom valve, CDS system and breathing system on the top lip. One of the main advantages of our IBCs is that you can place it where you really need it.


When an SCR equipped vehicle is driven every day in cold weather with low loads and traveling at low speeds with multiple stops/starts, the low exhaust gas temperature remains insufficient for the AdBlue reaction to be complete. This results in the formation of cyanuric acid crystals which block the SCR system resulting in higher fuel consumption, additional maintenance or complete immobilization of the vehicle. With EFFINOX, the surface tension of droplets is reduced and the injector inside of the SCR system is able to spray the very same amount of liquid in a significantly higher amount of droplets leading to the complete reaction at this lower temperature, avoiding the crystallization of the SCR system.

Technical characteristics

►Dimensions (mm): 1151 x 1200 x 1000 (HxWxD)
►Material of the IBC: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
►Weight (empty): 57.4 kg
►Weight (full): 1147.4 kg
►Capacity: 1000 liters
►Seal: Security seal lock plastic straps
►Fill out plug: CDS plug, bottom valve
►Fill in plug: NW150 plug
►Number of pallets in FTL: 21 to 24 depending on the
country of origin
►Pallet: Standard metal or plastic pallet